Servo Motors

Hitachi AC Servo Drives and Motors The Hitachi AD Series AC Servo enhances your machine performance with Hitachi’s next generation advanced drive technology. Precision control, high speed response and reduced vibration are responsible for a huge reduction in clogging torque and this is all attributed to the Hitachi’s patented motor technology. High-precision positioning with a time of 0.84mS and stable rotation at low speed is achieved by 32bit system LSI with DSP. ServoConnect is authorized dealer for Servo motors is Singapore. A Servo Motors is a rotary actuator or linear actuator that allows for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration.[1] It consists of a suitable motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback. It also requires a relatively sophisticated controller, often a dedicated module designed specifically for use with Servo Motors.

Servo Motors are not a specific class of motor although the term Servo Motors is often used to refer to a motor suitable for use in a closed-loop control system.

Servo Motors are used in applications such as robotics, CNC machinery or automated manufacturing.

The type of motor is not critical to a Servo Motors and different types may be used. At the simplest, brushed permanent magnet DC motors are used, owing to their simplicity and low cost. Small industrial Servo Motors are typically electronically commutated brushless motors.[10] For large industrial Servo Motors, AC induction motors are typically used, often with variable frequency drives to allow control of their speed. For ultimate performance in a compact package, brushless AC motors with permanent magnet fields are used, effectively large versions of Brushless DC electric motors.


Lexium 05 servo drives

Power range from 0.4 to 6 kW

Voltage range from 115 V to 480 V

BSH servo motors

Nominal torque of 0.5 to 36 Nm

Nominal speed of 1500 to 8000 min –1

Low inertia

A new “additive free” approach

ECM filter, “Power Removal” safety function, SinCos Hiperface encoder, connection to CANopen, Modbus, Profibus DP networks, connection to all analogic controllers

The ultimate simplicity

Simply Start Menu, Automatic Motor identification & Auto Tuning Functions.

The High Concentrate Solutions for your machines


With this new generation of motors and drives, you have the benefit of powerful solutions to design and optimize machines – the perfect answer to your technical and economic challenges. By combining the essential motion control functions with control and command interfaces, Lexium 05 meets your requirements for the simplest, most reliable and most cost-effective machines.


  1. Material Handling,
  2. Printing & Packaging Applications,
  3. Winding & Unwinding,
  4. Small Machine Tools & Testing Machines,
  5. Automated Conveyors.

Lexium 28 servo drives & Lexium BCH2 servo motors: Optimized servo bundles for compact machines.

Servo range with best-in-class performance

The predefined servo bundles of Lexium 28 servo drive & Lexium BCH2 servo motor are optimized for easy integration & commissioning in your machine. It includes standard interfaces, embedded safety function and DC bus sharing.

The Lexium servo drives and servo motors are part of MachineStruxure. The NEXT generation of MachineStruxure™ from Schneider Electric is an intuitive solution for machine automation with all the features and functions you need to build machines that will improve your bottom line. From design and development, to commissioning and maintenance, MachineStruxure is a complete machine building solution with benefits all through the machine life cycle.

ServoConnect Systems Offers Industrial Automation Products from Servo Motors, Frequency Inverters, Programmable logic Controllers PLCs, PC Servers and industrial PCs, Touch Screen, PC-based Motion-Control Systems, Programmable Automation Controller PAC, Precision Low Backlash Servo-Gearboxes.


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