Warehouse Management Software

Getting goods through the supply chain and into the hands of customers depends on having the right controls and software solutions in place. With our modern Warehouse Management Software, customers can benefit from accurate orders, improved delivery, and streamlined flow of goods, inventory transparency and considerable decreased picking errors. All these benefits maximize productivity of the labor resources, reduce the need for return handling and ultimately translate into lower operating costs and customer satisfaction.

At Efacec, we master the whole spectrum of software development, from the lowest level PLC controls, through Material Flow Control systems (WCS), SCADA Supervision Software, Warehouse Management Software (WMS) up to the integration with different ERPs.

Efacec Warehouse Management Software WMS is based in standard modules which have been applied in different operations worldwide, but it may be configured to best fit any customer’s specific operational requirements or different languages. It maximizes supply chain efficiency by automating key processes from inbound goods arrival and processing through inventory storage to fulfilling outbound shipping orders. The software is based on Oracle or Microsoft SQL server databases and runs under Windows operating system. Different types of common host systems and subsystems can be easily integrated with our WMS through our standard interface or by means of customized protocols. Besides automated warehouse systems and distribution centers Efacec WMS supports manual warehouse operations which may be, for example, equipped with Pick-by-Voice, Pick-to-Light or RF data transmission.

Warehouse inventory software should provide managers with the tools they need to analyze stock and makes plans for inventory movement or replenishment. Used alongside a transportation management system, WMS systems serve as a critical part of an overall supply chain management system.

Efacec SCADA is a powerful supervision and control software tool supporting a continuous maximization of plant availability and efficiency within any automated logistics solution. An animated on-screen graphic display provides a dynamic real-time visualization of your logistics plant and presents up-to-date information on the physical status of all subsystems. This centralized alarm handling platform provides the operator instant status information, error indication, troubleshooting, statistical and maintenance information. It features zoom functionality – down to individual transport elements – to speed up error identification and diagnostics. System information can be presented in different locations and using different methods: from graphic displaying in a local central console or different scattered consoles up to mobile phone or via email.

Efacec WCS is a material flow control system that integrates the automated equipment in a logistics plant into one single, efficient transport system that provides optimum throughput under any system capacity. At the center of this software module is a dynamic control of decisions about defining destinations, optimizing transport routes and creating alternative paths so as to improve the overall throughput of goods.

The range of products:

  • Warehouse Management System
  • Material Flow Control / Warehouse Control System
  • Order Picking Systems
  • Industrial Logistics
  • Application Development and Setup for:
  • Material Handling Equipment Control
  • Traffic, Storage and Handling
  • Host connection and integration with ERPs (SAP, Baan, etc)

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