Frequency Inverters

We distribute a wide range of industrial frequency inverters from Hitachi to our valued customers. A frequency inverter is a precision electronic device specifically designed and used to control the speed of AC induction motors. Our experienced sales and technical engineers are committed to provide professional services and optimal solutions for all our valued customers. We help our customer during initial consultation, products specifications, system configurations and product recommendation. All PC servers and industrial PC are embedded with OS ensures stable operation even in locations subject to vibration or shock.

Although the exact configuration of each section of the frequency inverter may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the basic structure remains the same. The rectifier section consists of an array of fast-acting switches that convert an incoming ac voltage supply to a pulsating dc voltage. The intermediate circuit consists of a dc bus and associated circuitry to stabilize and smooth the pulsating rectifier output. The dc bus voltage is roughly 1.414 times greater than the incoming ac supply voltage, depending on design type. This dc bus voltage is made available to the inverter section, which synthesizes an ac sine wave voltage output from the dc bus voltage.

  • 1. Dual rating.
  • 2. Induction motor & permanent magnetic motor control with one inverter.
  • 3. High starting Torque, Powerful Drive and easy setting
  • 4. Trip avoidance function
  • 5. Programming [EzSQ: Easy Sequence] function
  • 6. Internal Option
  • 7. Ease of Maintenance
  • 8. Long life time components & Life time warning function
  • 9. Easy Operation
  • 10. Network compatibility
  • 11. Global standards
  • 12. Environmental Friendliness
  • 13. 5-line LCD operator(Optional : WOP)

Designed for excellent performance and user friendliness

A diverse product range helps make you the right product choice.

Day by day, in heavy industrial use, our frequency inverters prove their high levels of cost-effectiveness, reliability, functionality, and flexibility.

High performance and high quality new type inverter of the highest level. Improves drive performance, pursues ease of use and also applies to safety standards.

Standards for small-format drives and provide an easy entry to the world of modern variable speed drive technology.

control cabinet inverters are functionally expandable by internal and external modules. With a wide power range up to 160 kW and and high quality torque regulation, the inverters can be operated where top performance and safety are required. The scalable functionality of our technology allows it to be used in many applications for the operation of both asynchronous and synchronous motors.

Whether you are a machinery manufacturer or a user: our Frequency Inverters are reliably used throughout the world. No matter whether intralogistics applications or general conveyor technology, whether suitcase or bulk goods. General engineering, process and packaging industries also opt on solutions provided by NORD. This is due to the advantages offered by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. Our frequency inverters provide a high degree of performance and safety. Local subsidiaries and distributors on all continents ensure that we are close to our customers at all times, constantly providing high quality. No matter where you are in the world our drives are your solution – we deliver service without long waiting times.

ServoConnect Systems Offers Industrial Automation Products from Servo Motors, Frequency Inverters, Programmable logic Controllers PLCs, Programmable Automation Controller PAC, PC Servers and industrial PCs, Touch Screen, PC-based Motion-Control Systems, Precision Low Backlash Servo-Gearboxes.


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