Programmable Automation Controller

Programmable Automation Controller or PAC a relatively new name coined for small, local control systems. The name is derived largely from the popular PLC or Programmable Logic Controller. The core for next-generation automation environment. To succeed in highly competitive markets, it’s important to build automation systems that ensure high productivity and consistent product quality. MELSEC iQ-R is taking a three-point approach to solving these problems: Reducing TCO, increasing Reliability and Reuse of existing assets.

Common programming, debugging and operating software for the Modicon Premium, Atrium and Quantum PLC ranges.

A Programmable Logic Controller, PLC, or programmable controller is a digital computer used for automation of typically industrial electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or light fixtures. PLCs are used in many machines, in many industries.


Unity Pro is the common programming, debugging and operating software for the Modicon Premium, Atrium and Quantum PLC ranges. With its five IEC61131-3 languages, all debug tools and diagnostics, Unity Pro is made for increasing your development productivity and ease of maintenance. With Unity Pro, your software investment is optimized, training costs are reduced and you benefit from unrivalled potential for development.


Increase your productivity through heightened awareness

Unity Pro is so Ingenuous that it creates your application standards making it easy for you to reuse in different applications and increase productivity and quality.

Unity Pro is built upon software standards for Openness and opens the door to a fast and easy collaboration with other software tools of the project.

  • Applications
  • Manufacturing control
  • Batch Process control
  • Infrastructure

Modicon M580 ePAC is the innovative Ethernet Programmable Automation Controller that lets you drive productivity and boost performance while preparing for the future.

The new high-end Modicon M580 Ethernet Programmable Automation Controller (ePAC) features Redundant Processors, native Ethernet, and cyber-security embedded in its core and brings:

Native Ethernet capabilities

High performance

High availability for processors & networks

Enhanced cyber-security

More flexibility in design and greater agility for your operations

Smooth modernization solutions


Prepare your plant for the future:

With a built-in Ethernet backbone, the M580 architecture interconnects all your devices and provides continuous communication flow to reap IIoT benefits.

High level of computing power for increasingly data-intensive processes.

Boost your productivity:

End-to-end 100 Mbps speed, from top to bottom

Application response time up by 10 times*

64 MB memory — data capacity of up by 8 times*  (*compared with legacy ranges)

Reduce downtime:

Availability rate up to 99.9996%

Redundant CPUs

Intelligent redundant power suppy designed to dramatically extend life span (in Q2 2016)

Protect your know-how:

IPsec communications protocol

Cyber-security certified (Achilles Level 2)

Encrypted password access

Strict supervision of firmware and software integrity

Easy to configure Cybersecurity features via the Unity Pro platform

Evolve and scale your architectures without stopping the process:

Add new RIO drops or new modules in the architecture

Hotswap your modules — with automatic reconfiguration

Modify channel configuration parameters, application or change variables

Invest in the long term:

Capitalize on Modicon’s robust hardware platform and Unity Pro engineering software efficiency

Migrate or modernize your installed base with a smooth transition to newer technology


Medium to Large process applications:

Water and Waste Water plants: WWTP, Pumping, desalination

Food and Beverage: Liquid Food, Dairy, Confectionary, Pet Food

Mining Metal Minerals: Mining water treatment, Cement, Conveyors

Hydro Power: Small/Medium/Large plants

O&G: Midstream

Transportation: Metro, Tunnels, Airports

OEM Process: Material Handling, turbo machinery

ServoConnect Systems also Offers Industrial Automation Products from Servo Motors, Frequency Inverters, Programmable logic Controllers PLCs, Modicon Controllers, Magelis Controllers, PC Servers and industrial PCs, Touch Screen, PC-based Motion-Control Systems, Precision Low Backlash Servo-Gearboxes.


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