Magelis Controllers

Our comprehensive Magelis range offers industrial PCs for improved productivity and an enhanced user experience. Choose the right industrial PC for your environment, from our wide range and be confident that they are designed to last. The Magelis iPC offers integrated solutions for a variety of applications and industries. Simple Magelis Box and Panel PC for repetitive machines. Enclosed Magelis Panel PC, IP66 on the six product faces to mount on a machine without an additional enclosure Magelis Modular Box PC and displays for plants and performance machines.


Comfort in use and operating facility

High visibility screen with TFT 65 536 colors, STN 4 096 colors or Monochrome 8/16 gray levels, according to the model.

Accurate analog touch pad

Adjustable contrast et brightness

Multi-windows with pop-up

Up to 40 fonts (latin, japanese, chinese, cyrillic,…)

 Set-up facility


Quick mounting with tool free spring clips

USB ports to connect your peripherals, to increase your connections, and to save time in your data transfer

Compact flash cards up to 1Gb

Easy Interchangeability with previous Magelis XBT G

 Outstanding openness

Numerous communication ports (serial lines, Ethernet,…)

Multilink capability on all communication ports

 And some news on top of the box-office

Video display & record on your Terminal

Remote visualization of your application pages on PC with a simple internet Browser.


Oscar for the best picture

The entire family of new graphic Terminals Magelis XBT GT are now available in screen size 3,8 – 5,7 – 7,5 – 10,4 – 12,1 and 15” . Open, they are fully Transparent Ready oriented and combine their actor performance to improve your productivity. Compact, simple and robust,…  Magelis XBT GT doesn’t miss inspiration to captivate a large audience!


Industry: compact machines, handling systems, food & beverage machines,…

Infrastructure &  automation in Building

The Magelis Small Panel product offer includes the following touch screen terminals:

b Magelis STO, with 3.4″ monochrome screen, available with 2 different types of


v Green, orange, red

v White, pink, red

b Magelis STU, with 3.5″ and 5.7″ TFT color screens

 The features of Magelis STO and STU terminals draw on key technological


b All Magelis STO and STU models are equipped with:

v 2 USB V2.0 ports for data transfer

b Magelis STU and STO 531/532 models feature:

v 1 RJ45 port, enabling integration of an Ethernet TCP/IP network and the use of

the services associated with this (in particular, the Web Gate function)

b The Magelis STO 501 model features:

v 1 RS 232C serial link port (9-way removable screw terminal block), enabling

direct communication with the Zelio Logic SR2/SR3 range of controllers

No panel cut-out is required to install a Magelis STU Small Panel. All you need to do is

drill a hole measuring 22 mm in diameter – just as if you were installing a push button.

The front module (comprising the screen) is connected to the rear module (comprising

the terminals and connectors). The two modules are mounted together via a hole

measuring 22 mm in diameter.

Magelis XBT N and Magelis XBT R/RT terminals are

used to display messages and variables.

In addition, Magelis terminals XBT RT can display

small graphic elements.

The various keys can be used to:

b Modify variables

b Control a device

b Navigate within the operator dialog application

On XBT RT terminals, the touch screen can also be

used to modify variables, control devices and navigate

within the dialog application.

Alarm messages can be printed out from models that

have a printer port.

All Magelis Terminals Have The Same User Interface:

b A configurable touch screen, on XBT RT only

(“touch-sensitive” mode)

b 2 service keys ( , ) configurable for contextual link

or control, on XBT N/R and XBT RT (“entry”/“control”


b 2 service keys (ESC, ENTER), non-configurable

b These keys are complemented by:

v On XBT N terminals: 4 customizable service keys

which can be configured as function keys (“control”

mode) or service keys (“entry” mode)

v On XBT R terminals: 4 service keys, nonconfigurable,

and 12 function or numeric entry keys

(depending on context)

v On XBT RT terminals in “control” or “entry” mode:

4 customizable and configurable function keys

4 service keys (non-configurable)

ServoConnect Systems also Offers Industrial Automation Products from Servo Motors, Frequency Inverters, Modicon Controllers, Programmable logic Controllers PLCs, Magelis Controllers, PC Servers and industrial PCs, Touch Screen, PC-based Motion-Control Systems, Precision Low Backlash Servo-Gearboxes.


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